Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Response to confusion

"So I read your blog and I must admit I am feeling confused by a lot as well. One thing I've been a bit confused about, and I've been wondering this since WYD is what about a married couple that isn't financially capable of bringing a new child into this world, should they remain abstinent rather than use contraceptives? I agree with what you were saying however about how can it be more immoral for a married couple to use protection than a male prostitute. Also, is it only "ok" in the Pope's eyes to use a condom when it's a male prostitute with another male, considering in such an act there couldn't be a result of pregnancy? Many questions"

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  1. The secret about Catholic moral teaching is that it is the individual conscience that makes the decision--not the law or, better put, the teaching. The teaching states the ideal behavior under ideal circumstances, based on natural law. In this case, sexual activity has, as its natural end, conception. The informed conscience reflects on what is possible in its circumstances, weighs it against the teaching and then acts in accord with the conscience.The action might or might not adhere perfectly to the teaching.